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Talk Radio Europe: 'Where the Bruised Pieces Go' Interview

Interview with Hannah Murray from the TRE Book Show on Talk Radio Europe.
Aired 18th January 2024

Review in the Bishop's Stortford IndependentJanuary 2024

Jane Fawley is a practising psychotherapist as well as being an author and – big bonus – having two rescue dogs. And fans of really gory serial killer reads (think Chris Carter) will not be disappointed as I haven’t read anything quite so gory for a long time. We meet Sam Stirling who is a criminal profiler for a police force that actually encourages profiling, rather than some detectives who seem to think it’s witchcraft!

Sam, though, is beset with his own demons and, apparently, in order to overcome these he has to have a monthly meeting with a psychiatrist of his own, and so the gorgeous Emma enters the scene. The murdered bodies are deposited in places very familiar to Londoners – I love being able to picture the “body scene”. So there’s a body left in Victoria Park (my husband’s old stamping ground) and Emma is walking in Highbury Fields (just around the corner from where the kid lives).

London is running scared and the pressure is on for Sam and his guv “Smiley” Riley to make an arrest.

There’s only a breakthrough when Sam realises just what the killer is trying to tell him. And there are some heart-stopping twists along the way. To be honest, I’m not a great fan of the title and there is a little bit too much forensic detail that I probably don’t need to know (although I’d probably be terrific in a quiz round), but serial killer aficionados will love this.

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